What To Expect From A Saint Lucia Christmas

November 23rd 2023 in Travel
What To Expect From A Saint Lucia Christmas

What To Expect From A Saint Lucia Christmas

Not ready for another cold Christmas here in the UK? Well, we have the perfect suggestion for you. With plenty of familiar traditions yet some unique customs of their own, a Saint Lucia Christmas should certainly be on the cards! You certainly won’t miss the wind and rain with the warm sand under your feet as you have a cocktail or two sitting in the tropical sun!

If you’re not sold on the idea yet, let’s take a look at what Christmas in St Lucia is truly about!

Spending Christmas In Saint Lucia

The cold weather has definitely hit the UK, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all winter in the cold. In Saint Lucia, December is one of their best months, with temperatures between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius.

We definitely believe you should experience a Caribbean Christmas at least once in your life, and Saint Lucia is the perfect location for that.

Whilst you will have to give up the chances of snow and hot cocoa by a fire, there is plenty to be excited about when spending Christmas in St Lucia.

Celebrate St Lucia Day

One of the biggest events in St Lucia during Christmas is St Lucia Day, acknowledged on December 13. The day celebrates Saint Lucy of Syracuse of whom the country has its name and the overcoming of good over evil.

A spectacle of the day is the Festival of Lights, which represents perseverance of ‘good’. Join in with the lantern competition before walking in the lantern procession to Derek Walcott Square in the Castries. A fireworks display then lights up the dark sky as the Christmas lights are officially switched on.

This event is unmissable if you’re heading to St Lucia for Christmas, so ensure that you’re on the island for the middle of December so you can participate!

Bursting The Bamboo

A more unique tradition you’ll definitely hear on the island is called bursting the bamboo!

Throughout December, locals will put pieces of bamboo with rags covered in kerosene. Once the rags are lit, they burst out of the bamboo and make a loud popping sound.

As a visitor, you can participate in the unique tradition by asking the friendly locals to create some amazing memories of your Saint Lucia Christmas!

Heading To Church On Christmas Eve

Like many countries around the world, a lot of the St Lucian popularity is Catholic, meaning there is a lot of religious significance attached to Christmas. Because of this, many people attend church on Christmas Eve for a special service called Midnight Mass.

This is when people go to church late in the evening and sing hymns and hear special Christmas sermons about the birth of Christ.

If you are religious this is the perfect opportunity to still embrace the spiritual nature of the holidays. However, even if you’re not, attending the service is a great way to get to know the culture and see a different side to Christmas celebrations.

A Traditional Christmas Dinner In Saint Lucia

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a big delicious meal and St Lucia has its own traditional festive dishes that are a must try.

Whilst you may be used to a turkey for Christmas Day, you will be served a delicious roast lamb in St Lucia, served with sweet potatoes and the Caribbean delicacies of plantains and yams.

Of course, a little tipple is also required on Christmas and the custom for a Saint Lucia Christmas is a warming ginger beer or sorrel, a spiced drink.

Don’t worry, Christmas puddings are very prevalent in this Caribbean paradise and they are very similar to what we are used to in the UK, with just one twist. Instead of soaking the dried fruit in brandy, they are put in red wine instead! Though the difference is small, we definitely recommend trying some while you’re here!

The Saint Lucia Christmas traditions are the perfect combination of familiar comforts and intriguing customs to make your festive experience unique! The biggest difference is the weather which will definitely keep you warm!

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