Saint Lucia Activities: Rainforest Tram Adventure

June 15th 2023 in Travel
Saint Lucia Activities: Rainforest Tram Adventure

Rainforest Tram Adventure

This aerial tram excursion will take you above the heat and activity of the lowlands to an ecological park at the heights of Saint Lucia's rainforest reserve.

Glide across the leafy tree canopy of Saint Lucia with a knowledgeable local guide on an aerial tram tour that provides an up-close view of the island's beautiful ecosystem. While riding, watch for interested hummingbirds and leafy chestnut trees, and then go on a self-guided nature walk.

Begin your journey by boarding a roomy aerial tram that travels over silent cables as it ascends past gum and chestnut tree forests. Listen to the buzz of birds as you rise, and let your guide show out native flora and fauna, such as exotic ficus grasping vines and yellow-chested bananaquit birds.

When you reach the top of your tram journey, take magnificent views of the island's rolling hills before wandering down sun-dappled pathways to explore the forest floor's rich biodiversity. Take shots of ferns, look for fluttering hummingbirds, and end your tour with a handy lift back to your hotel or cruise ship.