Guide: How To Climb The Pitons

October 4th 2023 in Travel
Guide: How To Climb The Pitons

How To Climb The Pitons In St Lucia

The Pitons across the St Lucia Bay

A World Heritage Site, many tourists flock to St Lucia just to see The Pitons. However, many ask if you can climb them. We’re here to answer your questions about the wonderful sights, including how difficult it is to climb The Pitons in St Lucia.

What Are The Pitons?

Even if you haven’t heard the name, it’s more than likely that you would have seen pictures of The Pitons before. The two peaks are volcanic spires and are still active, yet people get up close and personal with the mountainous plugs all of the time.

The two peaks are named after their size: Gros piton and Petite piton, meaning big and small, but they’re both quite the trek. The smaller of the two stands at 753 metres high, whilst Gros Piton is 798m.

Found near the scenic town of Soufrière, they have been an incredibly popular attraction for many years.

With a St Lucian beer named after the wonders, The Pitons are highly revered in the country and beyond.

Can You Climb The Pitons?

Close up of Gros Piton

Yes! In fact, it’s why many people visit the area! However, if you’re preparing for a mountainous adventure, then the trip to the peak is more of a hike, so dust off your boots and leave your harnesses at home.

Hiking The Pitons is one of the most popular things to do in Soufrière and the entire local. So, we definitely recommend giving it a go if you want to make the most of your trip to St Lucia!

How To Climb The Pitons In St Lucia

To climb Gros Piton takes around 2 hours, so you won’t need to do any intense training beforehand, but you will probably want to be physically fit or plan plenty of breaks.

The hike itself isn’t particularly difficult as many people do it every year, so you could do it without a guide if you prefer.

However, we definitely recommend hiking The Pitons with some expert help. By taking a guided tour in St Lucia, you’ll get the best route, have some interesting facts along the way and know you’re in safe hands in case anything does go wrong. Plus, they’ll know all the scenic places to stop to get the most impressive views.

Because it’s a popular excursion, booking a trip up Gros Piton is super easy, so you shouldn’t struggle getting a place. Be mindful that booking through your resort typically means a bus up to the trail, which is very helpful.

However you decide to get to the top, the view from the peak is well worth the trek.

So, if you’re asking how to climb The Pitons, you’ll be glad to know it’s a simple yet rewarding process!

Other Ways To See The Pitons

The Pitons from a boat

If hiking The Pitons doesn’t appeal but you still want to see the natural phenomenons, there are plenty of ways to see the peaks up close without getting out your hiking boots,

Boat Tours

Book a water taxi to take you to a catamaran boat in the bay! From here, the boats will take you on a tour of the peaks and through the gorgeous waters. What’s even better is that you can dive and take a St Lucia snorkelling adventure on many of these excursions! Hit two experiences in one!

An ATV Epic Trip

If you’re looking for something thorough to occupy the whole day, then go off-road with an ATV tour. These will take you across the entire of St Lucia, but you will have the opportunity to go up The Pitons too!

If you don’t have much time in St Lucia but want to fit everything in, this is the perfect option for you.

See The Pitons In St Lucia From Above

For those really seeking a thrill, then see The Pitons from the skies! Helicopter trips are a little more expensive so might not be for you if you’re travelling on a budget, but it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lasting 30 minutes, you’ll fly over The Pitons and Soufrière’s volcano too! Get a completely unique perspective on The Pitons and St Lucia

The Pitons shouldn’t be missed if you’re heading to the beautiful island! Make sightseeing even easier by booking your car rental in St Lucia with Finalrentals.